February 26, 2007

i did the How green are you? -test on the Green League's page. the answer was 71% altho i don't feel strongly about trying to save the planet... they have other subjects on their agenda which i support.

10:30am they called me from work and tried to get me to come over in the evening. for 4 hours, and they'd pay double. but no such luck, i'm having my day off. everyones stressed the fuck out of their minds there, the interest and flexibility to do anything extra has disappeared with the huge caller queues. you go to work and just want to get through the day alive. whats interesting is that other operators have this kind of a queues all the time, average waiting time around 10minutes. we're not used to it, we have taken pride in our short waiting times. now we've hired new staff that's getting onh the phone this week, but at the same time people are fleeting out so its +/- 0 in the end. we should just start recruiting again, fast.

i should have a shower.

i made this draft a couple weeks ago. i should *really* look at the photo stuff and get something ready, its been a while. but i don't have time today. the black stethoscope doesn't really fit because of its color, i guess a white plastic toy stethiscope would've been better...to fit the image as a whole. i was just so excited to have a real one in my hands...

Fuss being a sexy unstrained nurse. but one must be wary of her scalpel.

i'm wondering if i need a new 'tag'; politics. but wtf for? no its not so important.

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