February 26, 2007

oh my god there are so many new trailers. well, movies.

days of glory
- if i liked war movies i'd probably like this. interesting enough event (not vietnam or gulf war or some overdone shit like that). i don't typically like french language movies but this seemed fresh and yea, maybe i got just tiny bit interested after all? average war movie trailer in general.
across the universe - the hippie generation is an old subject for a movie, incl vietnam and young people trying to find their place in the world... but the trailer had a very well chosen music and the perspective of the movie seemed somewhat modern, naïvistic but alright. i think i might check this out.
first snow - i bet the movie is weaker than average thriller/action, but the trailer is very neat, quite visual and dynamic :)
amazing grace - pompous and confusing. the movie is probably weaker than average which is a shame, the male actor is kind of beautiful. just another good guy speaks for the weak and tries to save the world and probably gets the girl -movie set in victorian era england or somewhere in there...
gray matters - nice easy pro-gay movie, semi-romantic, semi-humorous, semi-nothing.
dead silence - the makers of saw-movies really have a fuckin thing with dolls and doll-faces. these fucked up talking dolls don't convince me, it seems like some really basic horror, almost 80s style. if the film brings anything new to the scene i will be surprised. not like every movie has to but come on... i'm willing to check this splatter out just to find out.
oceans 13 - grr, it was only a teaser, not a trailer. is it any surprise if a teaser seems promising and cool, especially when it includes Brad Pitt? yea i thought so. i'm not going to bother with this now.
the host - an asian thriller, what seems like partly comedy... when the movie is a about a giant loch ness type of thing living by the river bank...my expectations are not very high. but the fresh setting and what seemed like good humour (not the fartsy type but fine tuned) turned my head. i dunno how they do it but somehow i got interested.
the abandoned - i thought it was refreshing to set up an american horror movie in Russia, but unfortunately the results seem very american, just like any 'haunted house' story, only with one or two characters speaking great english with a slight russian accent. but there was some visual effects that i kind of liked, the movie might be worth checking out. i suspect the plot to be complete shit though.... "they say when you see yourself, that its time to die"
black snake moan - weird shit. i'm not sure what this is about. like, what its really about. then again it just seems like a semi-dramatic ...umm, i dunno. its weird. drama, but weirder and with some thrillerish tones?
primeval - a pretty promising horror thing set in africa. the movie will probably present american stereotypes of africans and abuse their culture because primitive and different is always scary and so fuckin forth but who knows... this seemed decent in any case.
fracture - Anthony Hopking. this gets me anxious. in a 'omg i can't watch its so exciting'-kinda way. i think the movie is probably average+. Anthony has been doing less great movies in the recent years but i won't hold it against, he's just the guy who works there. its the director who makes the movie more less.
in the land of women - i didn't know what to expect, and what i got was just kind of average romantic drama, losing love, finding love, figuring out what life is all about...i think we've seen this before have we not? seems harmless, i could watch it, at least it wouldn't get on my nerve? i hate myself for becoming such a 'i want it easy'-type when it comes to movies but theres something wrong with my nerves. my head.
the condemned - reminds me of the Governators movie and a smaller production called . and well, Battle Royale is a very obvious reference as well. very action-heavy, modern with the internet-setting of the story and all, but i doubt nothing special. just some good old killing. then again the plot seems to simple maybe they have a twist somewhere in there? twists are very popular. the music of the trailer was pretty nicely chosen. "Game on."
snow cake - surprised me. Alan Rickman, whom i've never liked much, does a pretty interesting role, for him i mean. and Sigourney Weaver is autistic. i think the plot is not special, a light drama about the worries and joys of life, how hard it is to *pick one*. but i could watch this, it kind of got me interested.
the wind that shakes the Barley - these civil war and conflict movies can be so boring... i like Cillian Murphy though and i like the Irish, so i just might give this a try, but the trailer promised something very sentimental and sugarcoated.
wild tigers i have known - executive producer: gus van sant. this movie has gus van sant written all over it. the colors, the characters, everything about this weird thingy is very gus van santish...and thats all dandy by me. i'll check this freakshow out. no no that sounded negative. i have feeling this movie has depth and meaning to it like many similar flicks

grindhouse - well DUH! Rodriguez and Tarantino are at it again! need i say more? geez. this is it.

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