February 26, 2007

i love Last.fm. i always digged statistics and stuff. to see what i listen to and how much is exciting. it seems like i am stuck in the same old favorites, my most played artist is Antony and the Johnsons with over 1000 plays. i cannot find anyone among my last.fm-friends who listened to their top artist as much. i think it means they have more variety in what they listen to? mnoo's and my musical compatibility is rated as 'super' :D altho i listen to Guns n Roses and Apulanta which i'm pretty sure she does not. hmm i just set up a 'playlist' on my userpage. most of the songs only have a 30sec preview but its neat nevertheless if you want to get an overview of someones recommendations. *browses around*

JESUS FUCK my dishwasher is fucked AGAIN. i just fuckin had it fixed in december and paid 100 fuckin euros for it. obviously that work has a warranty but now the problem is somewhere else. nothing fuckin lasts beyond its fuckin warranty date anymore. the dishwasher is like 3 fuckin years old. eventually it'll be cheaper to buy a new one. fuck. and whose going to wash the dishes now? i won't.

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