February 27, 2007

i've started the bad habit of washing my make up off with a soap when in shower. shameful, my skin will not thank me. if the Finnish Cosmetologist Association heard about this they'd terminate my membership. wait i think i did that myself. it costs about 60euros a year and i guess i figured its useless.

i just got my tattoo fixed. altho i'm not sure if it was any use. the blueish tint still shows trough. so i guess i'll just have to go with black after this heals. the photo is useless but i like the medical cream mixing with the blood making it all look pink.

my new favorite snack is giant beans. totally awesome. they don't taste much but the tomato(?) sauce included is great.

i'm tired, had nightmares last night and generally just didn't sleep enough, and i'm not feeling super. in fact i'm a bit upset. that time of the month? hmm. oh yea, the dishwasher is fucked too. and there have been some misunderstandings and stuff, business and personal. i'm not really too keen on handling these subjects. just pisses me off.

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