February 11, 2007

i'm sleepy but i should show photoshop tricks to my sister. and then go to McDonalds with her or something. take the sheets out of the washing machine and put them out to dry. go get a new charger for my cell phone, from Arttu. i think i need caffein to do any of this.

he should now become a name, i suppose. but i have a strong impression he would rather not exist online, in blogs for example. clearly, i have acted against this will by occasionally writing something. but how could i not, its a part of my life. i would like to think that keeping him nameless is a compromising act of goodwill even if not very useful. for someone who 'lives' online like me, its hard to understand a person not wanting to be 'there', in other peoples descriptions, but what can u do. people are different.

Julia watched Edward Scissorhands. Johnny Depp was so cute in that role, my heart ached, its been over 10 yrs since i last saw it. at the time, i knew a guy who sort of looked like Edward Scissorhands, minus the scissors... the messy black hair, black clothes and shy awkwardness and lack of social skills. and the looks of course. i had a slight crush on him. i'd put up a side-by-side photo comparison but its not cool without a permission, so :(

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