February 11, 2007

Julia studies in a graphics school, and in the first year they're only allowed to use film SLR's. i feel pity, because in these times of digital cameras it must feel retarded. however i think it is a very efficient way to learn because screwing up costs u money. anyway, she only has our dad's old Minolta which sucks. so i borrowed her my old Pentax, which is however not nearly as old as the Minolta...and has easier user interface and better lens. good deed of the day :)

portuguese are fucked. its 2007 and they can't fuckin get women the rights that belong to them. i can't beloeve a woman in the EU has to risk their life in illegal abortions because some fuckheads can't allow it. they better change this like the prime minister promises.

Type O Negative is so fuckin awesome....

"There is no pain like that of desire
Is there no difference between women and fire?
One burns the spirit
The other the flesh
Is sex worth the price of certain death?"
Type O Negative: Prelude To Agony

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