February 13, 2007

so Julia left yesterday. i did miss my solitude, but it was a special experience to have her over. now...i get to sit in the silence. and do whatever i want. like, nothing.

me and him are thinking of a vacation. somewhere warm. i never did these god damn beach-holidays. not one. but for a couple years now i've wanted to try it, just for the hell of it, because of the irony. this relationship is unreal and different from my usual life, so a weird cliché experience like this package-holiday would fit it. but his winter holiday is still over a month away so we'll see what happens.

these guys have a point; the game called IRL (In Real Life) is cool but the downside is that its always in hard core -mode. and if a character dies it upsets the other players :( not to mention u can spend 20 yrs building up a nice character and then boom, someone jumps from behind the corner and stabs you dead. who wants to play this?

i have to either find a decent dress from my closet or go buy a new one. for the wedding. but right now i just want to sleep. i am drinking an energy drink but its not working fast enough, i'm so tired i'm hurting. a nap sounds so alluring... mmm

its sad Type O's last album wasn't impressive, for me anyway. they had such a big impact on me during my goth years, probably one of the most influencial bands for me. and speaking of goths i still have that photo series idea on goths. but i don't know how to deal with the subject so i can't begin the series. maybe a nap would help, really...my brain doesn't function. how can people work 5 days a week? hmm, i recall doing that a few years back, for a year or so. but it totally killed my hobbies and think i was tired and busy all the time. something like that. couldn't this society function in any other way?

"Are you afraid
afraid to die?
Don't be afraid
afraid to try"
Type O Negative: Are You Afraid

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