February 27, 2007

the day got better towards the end. my tattoo is still a slight upset, but what can u do. life is :P

i was hoping to relax and do stuff but considering i am sleep deprived, and i have to be at work 7:45am... *counts hours* yea i think what i get to do is hurry the fuck up with my stuff and then run to bed. and then not sleep because i'm so stressed over how much time i have left. this is why god invented sleeping pills.

speaking of which, i visited Arttu after work. we discussed about atheism and the soul. atheism is quite a trendy thing lately, and its very socially acceptable to not believe in god. very good, if u ask me. however people are keen on believing in 'something', that a person is more than their DNA, history and chemistry. that there is a soul, a power within a person maybe, a being or a spirit...something that might even exist before and after the person is physically alive. atheism specifically means the lack of belief in god or god-like beings, so surely an atheist is free to think they have a soul of some sort, its just weird how popular it is in comparison. i suppose its hard to let go of all higher power stuff or the other special shit. so even if there is no god, that you yourself at least have some meaning or that your presence is not without a purpose. i think a person is merely flesh and blood, there's stuff in the human mind that we don't know about, potential for a lot of things maybe...but no soul of any kind.

since theres no god, theres no devil either, but this feels like the right time to quote Moonspell again:
"Laughing, I feed you
With meaningless games, tricks and philosophies
Whose answers you would die for
In your hunger to believe"
Moonspell: Mephisto

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