February 27, 2007

and a 10hour update of the tattoo. looks deceivingly WHITE. but, i bet the blue/green tones are not gone when this heals. we'll see.
"jen can't you really try bother take better quality snapshots, you should technically and skill wise be able to?"
"umm. no! :) "
yay for shit snapshots :)

then there's these e-mails, that usually start with a few nice words about my photos. that's cool. then comes this;
"I'd like you to be a friend of mine."
(en excerpt of a mail i got on the 23rd, trying to figure out a suitable reply now)
like, uh, okay let's be friends, whats your favorite food? mine is spaghetti. *ponders* i recall doing this 'wanna be my friend?'-thing when i was like 8. maybe the adult version has a different meaning though, maybe its really just asking for a reply, an official request to be in friendly relations. altho after i reply the e-mail, i don't really expect there to be more e-mails. i'm not hostile, i think, its just a little weird. i've gotten quite a few friends and acquintances through the Internet, through different forums and sites and such. but not a single one through an e-mail that just arrived one day. but considering my attitude at the question presented above maybe its my fault?

i love the feeling when the sleeping pill hits you, about 15-20minutes after swallowing it. the heavy feeling, weakening co-ordination and loosing the focus of sight...then u crawl to bed and the world feels soft and nice. you loose consciousness gradually and the feeling is good. you give in. damn.

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