February 15, 2007

i was in the corporate (conglomerate) info event today. for 4 fuckin hours. in between of yawning i wondered if my hourly wage is really worth this. also, it was specifically a 'welcome' event, for new employees. cool, but i've been working for the company for 2 years. i think they just forgot.

my wedding party clothing is still a "?". i'm thinking of a black knit dress, which is ankle-length, but has 3/4 sleeves and a boat neck, which makes it lighter. i was looking for colorful jewelry to go with it, but didn't have much luck there, so i think i'll just go with silvery heart-themed things, and pink nailpolish + lipgloss. that should lighten it up? and maybe i'll put my hair up as well, and a co-worker suggested a little accessory on the hair. not a bad idea, i am not very good when it comes to doing my hair. if i go and buy something pink? i am not so good at social events like this, in fact they are often distressing and traumatizing, i feel lonely and outsiderish, but if it has to be, at least i'd like to look good in doing so. in the best case scenario i have a good time but i tend to be pessimistic when it comes to these things. i've been there so many times...

my grandmother knit this for me like 5 or 7 yrs ago... probably 7 or so. or 8. hmm.

yesterday i received red valentine's day roses from him, after luring him over with cold beer and my warm self. i am not sure i remember the last time i got roses from anyone. i'm not big on these symbolic gifts and stuff, so i don't really expect such things but it was nice.

i seem to have forgotten about snapshots again. i need to pull myself together, my life needs to be recorded :P

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