February 16, 2007

my stress over the wedding clothing escalated to the point last night where i almost cried. quite obviously, i must have some underlying issues there as well, i do know i was very sleep deprived, and haven't had enough time to relax alone lately. so that could be it. today was easier. i think i'll go with the black knit dress, silvery heart themed jewelry and pale pink in make up and nails. he said he'll wear a pink tie to match :)

i think this year i'll consider going somewhere to get my nails done, instead of getting overly stressed once a month about doing them by myself... its been mainly an economical thing, as well as convenience time&place wise. but the stress it causes me is sometimes ridiculous, always planning when i have the time to do them and then post poning it because its a fuckin pain in the ass, just like dyeing hair... i think this year, if i stay smart with my cash, i could perhaps bare the cost of having someone do this for me. also, once i set the appointment i don't have to worry when the fuck i get it done. but tonight...tonight i have to make myself do this again. i know it makes me superhappy when i got nice pretty nails, but before i get there...:(

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