February 08, 2007

i worked 9.5 hours today, writing e-mails all that time. it sounds easy and nice, which it sorta is. but after 6 or 7 hours its like my vision got blurry at times. all that reading and writing, all those windows on the screen...and i was tired, so it got sort of hard at end. i wrote about 130 e-mails, which doesn't sound much, but it includes finding out all sorts of info and calling around to someone in between and stuff...

and then, i have Julia still staying with me, i took her to see Arttu, who cooked a little something for us. but i almost fell asleep on the dinner table so we left before i did.

also a lot of drama involved in the day, good and bad, but it was drama waiting to happen. i just picked the day. i'm just so exhausted... i'll vent about it later. thankfully no work tomorrow, i can sleep late and then figure out what do with Julia. i'm not used to entertaining 15 yr olds. i just realized her nose is like mine. its not really surprising since she looks like our father and so do i. it just caught my attention at the dinner.

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