February 09, 2007

Anna Nicole Smith died :( i was sad to hear this. i don't know why. i liked her, thats all i guess.

me and him are coming out of the closet when it comes to 'publicizing' the item called 'us'. we work for the same company so this is quite a real issue. the drama yesterday was about this pretty much. i felt the need to be honest and inform his ex about this, also our ex-colleague, altho it would upset her real bad (she's still upset over their break up - which was way before me.) but because of the common acquintances it was only a matter of time and i wanted to tell by myself rather than have the rumors go around and that... so, that did not go down well. but what can u do, life is. from there on i let friends from work know. the congratulations and good wishes were relieving, not that i couldn't expect that from people who know me and knew i was seeing someone, but nevertheless to have that acceptance is meaningful. all the hiding was somewhat stressful. while fun too, at times. hiding is perhaps the hardest tho when things don't go so well (erm, i think in the not so recent history i got a taste if this) it can be really painful. and i mean really. he's changing departments now tho so i won't be seeing him much in the future, and my hope is that when the shit goes down, it won't affect my working ability.

this will break oh i know i know but i will play this game until it does.

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