February 09, 2007

Arttu's brother put up a blog :) in finnish. i think i am nearly the only finn writing a blog in english :( but the majority is always right, right? so i am wrong. Otto, the new blogger, is like an architect/geek, i think the situation is that he can't decide which one he wants more. in any case, he made a 'who is who'-list in the blog and i've been thinking about having one as well. its kind of self-conscious i think...and thats been holding me back but maybe i'll give it a try. i'll make a little who is who thingy on the side there.

Tony came over, we talked MMA and the situation with him. Tony says he always had a gut feeling about us, altho i had to lie about the stuff before.

i think with Anna Nicole Smith the thing was that i felt that she was at the same time a victim of her status and still did what she wanted. but this is just a conception that i have.

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