February 21, 2007

mom was transferred from the ICU to the general ward today, so thats good news, she seems to be getting better fast.

at work, i was not so pleased to hear my spot will change. not far from where i sit now, but anyway. just when i got comfortable where i was :( the good news was that our 'team party' will be a joined party with the other team. our team is quite honestly really fuckin lazy in that aspect, so i wasn't looking to this event too much but with the other team it might turn out pretty cool.

there's constantly talk about the pollution of this and that, climate change and blah blah... well, just like africa and humans as a race, and the well being of everyone, the nature is going to hell just as fast. 'pessimist' might be too lenient of a word to describe me. i saw a nice ad on the street today, it had a photo of a bird and the text "human and eider. both in the same piss." the word 'piss' in finnish has a double meaning and also refers to trouble. its a project to create awareness (and to do something?) about the polluted Baltic Sea. the water in this area doesn't get to change much i suppose, and its, like, fucked. i don't know. i liked the ad. but its all going to hell and thats all there is to it. there are many reasons why i don't want any children of my own, but the way this world is going is one of the main reasons. while the most important reason remains my selfishness and lack of interest in the responsibility over someone.

i explained my political views, i.e. the truths of life, to him today. in specific, what the right wing (conservative national coalition-party) and capitalism are all about. of course these are not simple matters but i'm fairly good at simplifying things :) i think i made myself pretty clear. it was either my dedicated enthusiasm or the views i presented that made him laugh. either way, if he would happen to vote for anything from the center to the right in the coming election, he'd know better than to confess me. i have no understanding.

i'm on a cider-ban until friday :(

o_O suddenly i feel really tired. but i wish to never forget tonight.

"9mm. one size fits all."

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