February 22, 2007

Otto blogged about atheism. like me, he doesn't believe in after life or anything alike. i find it weird how many like to believe in reincarnation or some sort of continuance after death. how is that soothing? okay, right now i think i get it. but in general, i don't understand. i think the thought of 'nothing' is assuring, nothing after life, nothing out there, no higher power. nothing. this is all there is. and when its over its over, no possibility to regret or contemplate, no second chances, nothing better or worse waiting for you. no awards for the good guys. makes this life feel much more worthwhile to self, and yet its comforting to realize how meaningless everything is. it supports my Memento Mori -philosophy quite effectively.

i keep thinking of the movie Rosario Tijeras. i saw it last fall and it made quite an impression on me, it seems. english site. trailer in portuguese. she was such a strong character and i empathized her story.

another thing. i got an e-mail from JetBlue today. i used them last fall, flying from Buffalo to NYC and back. i recall even blogging about the impressive and interesting experience with them. the e-mail didn't really concern me but it was such a cool example of how they work that i have to share it. while i think all these business moves are based money, customers and spending, capitalist corner stones and so forth, not a lot of companies choose to go this way. a finnish company never would.

"Dear JetBlue Customers,

We are sorry and embarrassed. But most of all, we are deeply sorry.

Last week was the worst operational week in JetBlue's seven year history. Following the severe winter ice storm in the Northeast, we subjected our customers to unacceptable delays, flight cancellations, lost baggage, and other major inconveniences. The storm disrupted the movement of aircraft, and, more importantly, disrupted the movement of JetBlue's pilot and inflight crewmembers who were depending on those planes to get them to the airports where they were scheduled to serve you. With the busy President's Day weekend upon us, rebooking opportunities were scarce and hold times at 1-800-JETBLUE were unacceptably long or not even available, further hindering our recovery efforts.

Words cannot express how truly sorry we are for the anxiety, frustration and inconvenience that we caused. This is especially saddening because JetBlue was founded on the promise of bringing humanity back to air travel and making the experience of flying happier and easier for everyone who chooses to fly with us. We know we failed to deliver on this promise last week.

We are committed to you, our valued customers, and are taking immediate corrective steps to regain your confidence in us. We have begun putting a comprehensive plan in place to provide better and more timely information to you, more tools and resources for our crewmembers and improved procedures for handling operational difficulties in the future. We are confident, as a result of these actions, that JetBlue will emerge as a more reliable and even more customer responsive airline than ever before.

Most importantly, we have published the JetBlue Airways Customer Bill of Rights—our official commitment to you of how we will handle operational interruptions going forward—including details of compensation. I have a video message to share with you about this industry leading action.

You deserved better—a lot better—from us last week. Nothing is more important than regaining your trust and all of us here hope you will give us the opportunity to welcome you onboard again soon and provide you the positive JetBlue Experience you have come to expect from us."

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