February 23, 2007

i don't like Lidl. been there like 2-3 times. i don't care how cheap it is, its like a sleazy thrift store but they sell food. more specifically, food products i'm not familiar with. if i want german food i'll go to germany (which, i have by the way done a few times). i thought there was an agreement that all grocery stores in finland would look and feel the same and carry the same products. so wtf is up with this??

attractivness scale. :P

today was actually like below average. although i'm having a me-night and stuff, work was blah. i had newbies listening to my calls for a couple hours and i think they learned a lesson or two about sarcasm. but everything else about work kinda sucked.

whoever invented peasoup was a genius. its like one of the best foods eva.

the other night i was just sitting by my computer as usual - no life. i made the event special by wearing one of my fav shoe pairs. i have only worn them once, in Death Valley CA in 2002.

i'm tired but i'm not fuckin going to bed! no fuckin way will i give up! GRR!

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