March 23, 2007

after work i went to Arttu's to pick up a suitcase for my trip, which is the end when i was leaving 20 past 10, we didn't find....anyway i went there and he had cider and self made 'salmari', basically candy tasting vodka, and i took a bottle in both hands and umm yea, got myself drunk. dear god the relaxation is goooood. i had to come home to get the washing machine going. i have to wash summery clothes for the trip. tomorrow i have to do my nails, and i'm wondering if i should dye my hair too?

in the news(REUTERS), i read some russian village is going nuts because of barcodes, as those contain a satanic message :) i know what they're talking about. if u look at a barcode, and which lines and spaces reflect which number, it seems like 2 thin lines stand for "6". and in the beginning, middle and end of a bar code there are always these 6's...but it doesn't read 6 underneath them. so it's like 666 was hidden in it. i'm pretty sure theres an explanation for this...just like there must be an explanation for the fuckin pyramid with the eye in the dollar notes...? hehe

at work, i was kind of out there in the end. i took photos of colleagues with my phone (to link the number&photo in the phone so when they call...) and stuff, so did my boss, and all this while i was trying to serve the customers. seriously, i can do that with very little effort, most cases are so freakin standard, so alike, i could talk to these idiots (and help them) if i were sleep. i can easily concentrtae on other stuff during most calls. u never know what they're doing when u call customer support... anyway the evening went pretty well just sorta hanging out.

fuck i'm drunk and hungry why do these 2 always go together? *cooks 3 minute noodles*

/after noodles. i feel sick. *makes a cheese sandwich*

pathfinder - visually decent but probably poor plot-wise...inspired by some sorta viking-stuff i assume... oh well
day watch - matrix in moscow anyone? oh phuleees! *rolls eyes* the exoticness of russia do0esn't work for me, don't even try
air guitar nation - seems like an interesting(really) documentary on...yea u got it
vacancy - decent average american horror. i could bet this brings nothing new to the table, and i'm not a fan of Luke Wilson but whatever.

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