March 24, 2007

i should start packing.

Combichrist is decent music if u like harder, bit gothic and electronic stuff.

bought PRIDE FC. i'm very pessimistic, this cannot mean anything good.

Bucky - the super duper cute bunny. my heart melts looking at him, is there anything this adorable in the whole wide world?? no i don't think so. i wish i had a bunny to pet. if heaven existed, i think it would be a place with nothing but millions of bunnies. and maybe millions of little kitties. i don't think anything else is as good.

i've found a new fav radio station; hard dance, chillout, progressive and goa-psy trance specifically. good stuff.

Myanmar sounds funny. i wonder if it has a finnish name i might recognize, because hebrew. but it was on the map! so it's a place! so i can go there!

french manicure is SO 90's, but i did it anyway.

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