March 24, 2007

i found my pink sunglasses and the sunscreen. i guess i'm ready to go? weather forecast says tenerife is at around 20C... and helsinki is 12C. so why bother travel 6 or whatever hours south? well, i suppose that besides the point. i'll loose my porcelain white skin on this trip i think, is it worth the camp humor of it all?

has anyone else noticed all porn stars have a french manicure?

hairnotes: i bought tons of special-long hair detangling conditioners...mostly finding them so-so, not very effective. thinking of it, well, my hair was down to my thighs... now i put that same conditioner in my short hair and go WOAH its a whole new feel. slinky soft hair. totally works.

older photo. she is Veki. kind of a tomboy, sporty and no make up. so i gave her curls and a pretty strong look, with the lipstick and all. of course it only makes sense to me cos i saw the change but anyway.

finally i get to use my portable video player 'seriously'. i think the battery lasts for 4 movies altogether, 2 each way. now i just have to decide what is interesting enough but not too important to waste on a flight.

bunny farm!!!!

i need to finish packing and sleep a few hours before we go to the airport. i'll be back on april 1st but now that i've boasted about the blogging ability of my phone i might want to try it.

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