March 01, 2007

the company has recruited a bunch of new people and they started working now, after the training period. yesterday and today i got a newbie to watch over so i sat next to them and listened to their calls and helped out. reminded me of when i first started 2 yrs ago. a lot of shit to learn but i think they'll get there. the other girl was a bit timid and almost apologetic, and i tried to train her out of that because that does not work with the customers. you have to be very strict and direct with most customers because otherwise they end up leading you and not the other way around, and they lie and use your insecurity to their advantage if they can. one of my favorite situations is

customer: i
'm not paying this! i was TOLD by your representative last time that i don't need to!
thats very unlikely, the situation is very clear regarding this, you need to pay.
customer: no he told me i don't need to!!
okay, we'll listen to the recorded call, and if our representative promised that you don't need to pay this, then that will be the case.
well, he didn't exactly put it that way, but i really got the impression because...blah blah...and i really feel that this invoice is not valid and...blah blah
me: riiiight [and the rest is history]

anyway now i seem to be having a me-night, thankfully. tortilla chips, salsa and good music. and the internet of course, my good friend. i feel like i've had too little time for myself lately so i decided to keep tomorrow all for myself as well, altho we were supposed to go shopping. as a compromise i promised to cook for for us for the first (and possibly last) time, and invited him over for dinner. i never cook because it is his specialty, and thats belittling the skill really. i admit that after this it will be rough to go back to the everyday life, from one microwave lasagne to the other... maybe one day i'll just teach myself to fuckin cook or something :(

i could have a shower and then take an update photo of my tattoo.

*listening to Guns n Roses*

She loved him yesterday
Yesterday's over
I said okay
That's all right
Time moves on
That's the way
We live an hope to see the next day
That's all right
Sometimes these women are so easy
Sometimes these women are so cold
Sometimes these women seem to rip you right in two
Only if you let 'em get to you"
Guns n Roses: Dust n' Bones

hilarious and honest finnish blog.

christ. the cuteness in this bunny is overwhelming.

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