March 23, 2007

from a shoot the other night. port folio photos for make up artist Liina Junna.

this model has huge eyes. like, huge. but thats cool, its just that they almost steal the attention from everything else. her mouth is pretty as well. and the hair! oh dear, the curls were wonderful. i hope to shoot her again some time, for my own projects perhaps.

i've been thinking of an old friend lately. we met online, through sorta online dating, in around 1997, and were best friends for a few years. i don't know what happened. or maybe i do, i started seeing my now ex, and we drifted apart. and i never heard of him again. its sort of sad, but these things just happen. i haven't had many 'best friends' in my life time so it was special. i don't really use the title best friend so strictly, i think my cousin was a best friend of mine too at the time.

and on a different note, over 10 years later, i still think of this guy i loved back then. and i think of him every day. not because i'd still love him, but for other reasons.

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