March 23, 2007

i set up my phone e-mail and i can now post blog entries with it. sweet. i think i will do an update or two from tenerife :) (altho blogger says i can't do this with mobile+gmail but i just did) the more i get to know my phone the happier i am with it, the initial shock and confusion are fading fast. the photo looks shit with the tv-type interference, the screen quality is really suberb. i'm customizing the phone :P

note to self: don't buy handbags from Lindex. they cost more than H&M and don't last nearly as long. here's a photo of a 6 or so yr old H&M handbag and a brand new Lindex one, bought last april. in a few months the shoulder straps started breaking and one of the seams opening. i've asked a few places if they could fix these things but the answer is no. and now, within less than a year of purchase the handbag has totally broken down. if i was any pickier i would've considered it unacceptable long ago, but i really like how it looks. too fuckin bad the shit company can't make decent handbags. it could just a singular event but i could see why the piece of shit was breakin apart; the material is shit quality! say what u will of H&M but those kids make some great long lasting stuff.

shrimp salad from last night.

hugeURL lol

lately i've been thinking of writing a blog in finnish. but i don't think i can do 2 blogs simultaneously. so, how to solve this puzzle?

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