March 15, 2007

i came to work 5 hours early so that will make me a....13 hour day? i feel so guilty about my shopping and pissed about the <100e cheque processing fee that i need to soothe my consciense somehow.

yesterday i also placed an order on the black Nokia E50. they had a full black version too but in the end the metal/black seemed cooler, it'll fit well with my shiny metallic cam :P i felt *really* guilty about the purchase even tho my christmas gift card covers over half of it.

hairnotes: in the morning i stared at myself from his bathroom mirror wondering about my literal just-out-of-bed hair. not much i could do there, i put in some styling mousse and that was that. but lack of styling didn't keep my co-workers jaws from dropping when they saw my new look :P everyone seems to think it suits me real well, which i can conclude to be true. i notice i still try to swipe the hair to the side when in the toilet...but theres nothing there. when washing the hair yesterday, i ran into a problem. i used to apply conditioner from neck down, as adviced by hairdressers. now it seems like i got no hair from neck down, so do i use a conditioner or not? i pondered and then applied some and washed it right off, i don't see the function when the hair is short. all my conditioners are detangling, for frizzy, dry, colored hair. i guess i can use them anyway? i dont' think i need the leave-in split ends conditioner anymore... actually a lot of the leave-in stuff is useless now, my short hair is quite fine and healthy and shiny by itself.

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