March 16, 2007

tomorrow is party-time again. team blowout extravaganza GALA!!!!!111 err. the bi-yearly team party will be held in an unknown location, but i think there is sauna and bonfire involved...and lots of booze. i'm supposed to come up with somekind of play with another co-worker, and its turning out more difficult than we thought. it doesn't help that neither one of us isn't working tomorrow so we should really get everything prepared...umm, now? the name of the game is that we write down descriptions of each person, hand them out randomly and then read them one by one... and people need to guess which description is about which person... "this person has put customer on hold while they hangover-puked"... and so forth. too bad all the best stuff is way too private and harsh to be said out loud :(

i'm having cider and Haribo gummibears.

*keeps touching her hair*

christ how bad music Dream Theater is.

what am i going to wear for the party??? my new Everlast t-shirt and hoodie? i think i wear enough of those things at work, something more girly would be nice. the checkered skirt i bought 2 weeks ago? what if we stay out and its fuckin cold??!!!!! what THEN? its hard to believe i'm dead-tired. but serious, a wide V-neck would accentuate my...err, new hair nicely. or a black turtle-neck. hmm, that would fit with the shirt and long boots. simple and stylish. hard decisions! i need to sleep first.

no but now i think i know!

tadaa! V-neck bunny sweater. its really worn out tho :( and the spike collar, it fits the hair so well. i've always wanted to wear it but with the long hair it was just so... uh...well nevermind, then next...

i haven't worn this pink hoodie in AGES! and then the checkered skirt and knee high girly platform boots.

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