March 06, 2007

i got tired of the internet disconnecting, its gotten worse. so i called my work/ISP like any good customer and had them see the same problem i see, and now i have someone coming over on wednesday to check it out. lets hope this problem is not in my end, that'd be 50e. no i think i know how to connect these wires. the person answering the phone was one of the newbies whom i haven't even seen. she was still very much in the learning phase, but i didn't mind telling her which button to push.

i guess i could finally wash some dishes now that the dishwasher is fixed. i have major piles of dishes. and, to not forget, i'm paying 108e for this possibility to wash them so...

this advertizing blog is like the bestest eva! TWENTY FOUR.

i've volunteered to foster kitties. a local animal shelter doesn't have enough space for whole kitty-families when they find them homeless, and also little tiny kitties grow up better if they have a real home where they are loved. well i'm the right person! :) i may bit a tad bit allergic, which is why i don't have a cat of my own, but this is what allergy meds are for, its a good cause. i want my home to be infested with little kittelings. i have a secret plan behind all this. my kitty photographer career just may get a nice push if i have tiny unsuspecting fluffies running around, they would make great models, i just have to be careful the modelling career doesn't get in their head once they get a hang of it... :P

he suggested we celebrate my birthday moderately on the weekend, my b-day is on monday. i never hold parties, but i was thinking meeting a friend or two and then going to a bar. i know i can't get my friends to come over (most are not into bars and they don't know each other) but i could ask for co-workers i suppose. i dunno if they're up for it but i guess i'll ask a few and if not, oh well, well just sit there the two of us. can't go wrong with that plan.

i need new jeans.

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