March 06, 2007

so i decided to punish myself for the dishwasher-moronism and work extra, both today and tomorrow, for a few hours. the pay is double so it'll make up for the dishwasher-bill. did i learn anything from this episode? yea i think so. well, i hope so... i better have! i'm wondering if i should come over saturday too since i was asked. i was kinda planning on meeting friends during the day though. we'll see, i'm not feeling very flexible.

guaranteed tshirthell quality.

is this what they call chauvinism, direct or indirect? *shrugs* i think the message is positive and while the porn industry does degrade women a lot, and you, with this shirt admit to supporting it, it doesn't make you an opressor of women. i think. this whole porn topic is interesting. i should get back to it later. now i have a meeting to go to.

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