March 07, 2007

so my colleague from the ISP came over and turned out the internet connection problem concerned a larger area, its pretty subtle which could explain them not noticing it before or other customers calling. should be fixed today or tomorrow. luckily my internet addiction hasn't suffered from this since the slight disturbance in the connection just jammed the modem so i've had to reboot it quite often. when the connection works, it works pretty decently. i have a 10M/1M which keeps me somewhat satisfied.

now, in the morning i punished myself with 2,5 hours of work to make up for the dishwasher-bill, i am relieved to know what is wrong with my connection, the weather is good/warm and its only 1:20pm. in fact things seem so good i am wondering what could go wrong today? i have plans to go out and take care of some business, shoe repair, new jeans, vacuum cleaner filter... etc. the shoes need new soles, i bet that will cost a lot and piss me off. the battery (2CR5) for my film cam was 16,90e which certainly pissed me off, not that i didn't know it was that expensive... i remember when i worked in the photolab and sold those batteries. customers would go berzerk upon hearing the price, and i just smiled. its a very profitable product, costs like 8euros for the retailer. but considering i paid more for the battery than what is the worth of the film and developing that film, i think i might as well shoot a few more films. i searched for usable (due date 2006 or later) films in my fridge and came across all kinds of shit. liek APS-film. i have no idea why i have that, i never used an APS cam. that was a load of bollocks, at the time when film was already 'dying' (from photolab/camera manufacturer point of view) they pushed this piece-of-shit cam+film to the market and customers bought it 1-0. i felt sorry for them, altho for many i'm sure it served its purpose too. i'm not gonna even go into this APS thing any further but that was like a major fraud from my point of view. but i am very negative about all kinds of new technology(then again APS was not new technology altho it was sort of sold as one, thats one of the fraud-points i have), like HD, that i think is unnecessary and designed mostly with business interests in mind. our world is supposed to become better and better if we just consume more and more. fuck now i'm pissed. i managed to piss off myself, i didn't even need for anything to go wrong! christ.

as an obligatory note i want to point out that film is still a very valid medium and most of all very good quality. i *totally* respect and love film. but Kodak and friends, as well as your local photolab, have a slightly different aspect to this subject and thats what i was referring to.

finns may find it interesting that there is a mountain called Pissis in Argentina. hehe.

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