March 10, 2007

i went to look for a phone today. but the decision was impossible to make. i am between the black 6080 and metal black E50 now. the price difference is quite significant and i'm not sure what the E50 offers for its 258e price, over 6080 that is. but its slimmer and slightly more stylish perhaps.

last night when i got off work at midnight, he was messaging me to join him and some of his new co-workers in a bar downtown. i said i'd come visit and i did go for an hour, and only had one cider. i'm proud of myself, but everyone else was seriously piss drunk so it wasn't so much fun for me... anyway Ella from work just called me to ask whats up tonight. i thought she and her bf weren't coming so this was a nice surprise.

i have to cut down my drinking. sipping a bit of wine or cider is okay, as the french i think have proved, but how often should i accept myself to be drunk (levels 3 to 5 on my scale)? back when i wasn't drinking, which isn't that long ago, i used to think that people who get drunk every weekend are kind of pathetic and don't have a life. i still agree. i guess it depends on a lot of things, but its pretty much as it always seemed like...from wednesday on you start planning the weekend and the drinking, and from sunday on you try to handle what you just did and talk about the events with the people you were with. i dunno...i think that while its also called a 'social life' its a bit too much. and i never had social life anyway so i guess thats why i don't care for it so much. i have resorted to my part-time job to give me a social life.

i've promised to get my mom a digital receiver. they already got one but need another. i've told her to not buy anything technical without consulting me. all these companies are totally pissing on customers and she, and her husband, are the perfect prey :( she just told me the digital receiver they got doesn't function properly. yea i can imagine, none of them do. which is exactly why i'm not letting her buy another one. i'll find the most reliable one thats easy enough to use and install it and then thats it. and i think i know which one it is, its not like there's a lot of options. Xsat seems to be the most dependable basic model, i myself have used it too and it hasn't jammed or fucked up ONCE. now, for a digital receiver thats quite well...

a blog entry regarding digital receivers, or digiboxes as we like to say in finland. in finnish.

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