March 09, 2007

on my way to work i passed a truck that was advertizing red wine called Moondarra. darra stands for hangover in finnish and being that i was suffering from a red wine hangover i felt the irony...

i bet my employer offers extra work next week as well, for double pay. and its only e-mails so i think i'll get prepared to work a bit :P i feel so guilty for spending quite a lot of money lately. and i have a major urge to travel :( i haven't even been to Tenerife yet and i already think of the next trip. because Tenerife is an ironic holiday-hell-package-thingy it doesn't really count in my books. eh. and then there's London at the end of june but that doesn't really count because i've been to London before and i'm just going to mnoo's party, hopefully i get the best of out of it anyway and get to do something cool, like meet people. maybe i'll use Ryanair and save a few bucks there. but i want to go somewhere different. Bali. or Thailand like everyone else. fuck. Canada turned out pretty expensive last year and i've just now made it even (i got a cheque in the mail yesterday for some book cover work i did) so i shouldn't really be pushing it but i need to go while i still can. i guess i have to follow the situation for a bit, cut down on shopping and work a bit more, and then i can travel a bit more. *sigh*

Tiitta was supposed to go out with us tomorrow evening for a few drinks but she now has the flu so it might not work out. and i have been e-mailing with an old friend from Heinola about meeting tomorrow. i haven't seen her in perhaps...8 or so years. she has a kid now and all. meeting old acquintances is interesting because it reflects your own change as well, that you don't notice otherwise, so strongly anyway. when you see the directions other people have taken you see your own direction and choices better. maybe i shoul call her and check if tomorrow is happening or not.

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