March 13, 2007

i'm looking at flights to Asia. i don't care where exactly...Dubai...where is it? the flights to Dubai are only about 400euros, or less in some cases. Hanoi. Kuala Lumpur. Ho Chi Minh. Mumbai. i'm thinking july.

when Carmen Electra and Dave Navarro divorced i was sad. they were cute together, i liked them both. beautiful and fun people. i also heard that when they hired Carmen to Baywatch they didn't know she couldn't swim. i wonder if she still can. thats so weird.

Arttu gave me a very touching birtday present. he'd burned 'our history' on a CD for me. the main tree has years (1999-2007) and then under each year there's separate folders for photos, e-mails, music we've exchanged, discussions that hes recorded and so forth. lots of random things. in the 1999-folder there are our first e-mails...(we met online). and photos that i sent to him (of random things). i'd just picked up an SLR cam some time before that so i was showing off my snapshots to him. its so amazing to have all these things we shared in one directory like this.

i found a great artists; Emily Barker. but of course, i can't find anything to buy or download, its only the myspace site with 2 songs. well, in lack of anything better i guess i just go there...

interesting BLOGS in ENGLISH!
english teacher in Japan, smart guy i like him.
iblamethepatriarchy - each can draw their own conclusions here, but pretty nice read anyway

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