March 13, 2007

just in case not everyone is familiar with postsecret.

i'm thinking of cutting my hair again. well i did for a few seconds. as usual. but now my thoughts wandered back to it, very carefully, as if mere thinking could cut them. rather than the reality putting me back in my row, looking at mnoo's photos did(for a sec), she has immortalized my hair in these 1 2 photos much better than i ever did. altho i love my hair, i guess i don't have the same appreciation for it as others (may) have. my appreciation is different, its my crown, yet i guess i hold it as a self-evident part of myself. but just because i like it doesn't mean it can stay forever, i don't think i still want this hair when i'm 50. or...35? do i still want it at 27? i guess age should have nothing to do with it. but i'm now pondering when is the right time to let go. letting go of my landline phone won't be easy either, yet i feel it needs to happen and i will just change my attitude and so forth...

i usually imagine my short hair like this; (model is Pau)

maybe even an inch longer in the front, and an inch shorter in the back, forming an upside V sorta. pretty trendy these days i guess. i never imagine a hair in between, halfway down the back or such.

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