March 13, 2007

i've been taking random snapshots of my hair. i think of things that will change. i had a medium-length bob in 1991, but besides that i've always had long hair. and i've always been hearing these questions about if its hard to take care of long hair and don't i get tired of it being in the way and stuff... no it hasn't been hard, when u have no comparison u don't think of a choice. kind of like with a landline phone, if u don't imagine using a cellphone, landline does not feel limiting at all.

the ends are really dry. well, i didn't really put a lot of leave-in conditioners last night after washing. i have tons of split end and long hair -products, what will i do with them. i guess i can use them anyway. will i change my make up to fit this new look better? if so, how? i think i can go with heavier/darker make up again without looking like a goth. i have many times concluded that my long black hair is what gives me the gothic vibe many see in me. and i didn't think i would ever change that part.

the hair won't be sweeping across my back anymore. i'm going to have to learn do my hair, use some hair products and shit! i have to buy...what are those styling products guys use? hmm. i used to just wash and go sorta + the leave-in products. i think now i might have to put some effort into my hairstyle?

my hairdresser appointment is in 10minutes.

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