March 14, 2007

i've had better wednesdays. the bank woke me up in the morning and told me they can't process my cheque the way we planned because the sum is too big. they have to do it the old fashioned way (collecting it from the foreign back or whatever) and it'll cost me almost a 100euros. fuckin great. for smaller cheques they only ask for some 20-30 euros fee usually... anyway, pisses me off quite majorly.

hair note: i am trying different styles. my new hair is like they got in the movies, the possibilites are endless. i can puff it up, sleek it with styling mousse... go with totally messy punky look, have it down all sleek and neat....and have it stay still with hairspray. its not like i never used these products before, but when it comes to 'holding', there wasn't really anything to hold a hair as heavy/long as mine was. and as for different styles? the options were pretty much to have the hair on a ponytail or loose. oh and of course there was the braid option. or bun. which didn't look neat with such unevenly cut hair. well, i didn't complain since it was my choice but now that things are different, i'm in awe. i'm not used to doing anything to my hair, i just get out of bed and walk out of the door and i think its stuck with me so bad i'll keep doing that. but maybe occasionally i'll spend some effort into styling it a bit. oh i can imagine going for a gothic/punk-look one of these days, i'll mess up my hair and wear dark lipstick and heavy eyelining, and i will look wannabe-goth at best. sounds great. when i rejoiced about not looking like a goth anymore with my short hair, he said my pale skin is still veeery gothic :S but hey! Tenerife is calling, we'll just get that fixed too. lol. i'm imagining myself tanned and shorthaired and wearing a peach-shade lipstick. and i only have to really imagine 2 out of the 3. sick. my friends and relatives won't recognize me.

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