March 14, 2007

can't get enough of the hair

do i look like a person who votes for the Green League? i better, because i will. the election is on this coming sunday.

Ishkur's Guice to Electronic Music is awesome. i don't even consider myself such a fan of electronic stuff but simply looking around his music-map and listening to the samples is fun. oh and the descriptions! they're the best! for example, what is Anthem House?
"But more or less Anthem House is really just the less-used, broke-ass counsin of Anthem Trance, evoking images of 'hands in the air' cheering about positively nothing in giant soccer stadiums and british superclubs with thousands of other people whould normally be annoying the hell out of you if you weren't on such great drugs."
and Dream Trance?
"If there is anyone who is responsible for the complete and thorough pussification of Trance, making it offensively lame to the point where not only newbie ravers but also their soccer moms could enjoy it, it's Rober Miles." lol. i remember that song in case. i wantered back to the site after about years break i think. and suddenly i now have the yearn for RAVE music! fuckin hell, at the mature age of 27 i want to listen to rave....

how to tick people off.

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