March 02, 2007

my period started and i congratulated him for being the father of the child that was, once again, not conceived. :) its worth celebrating every month, nature was screwed over again.

i wonder how would it feel like to be Satan's child. if there was a Satan that had a child and all that. well that thought is not really going anywhere, it just sounds fun. i heard theres a TV series based on that idea, and the kid is 'good' somehow, or trying to be, i don't know. that doesn't make sense, wheres all the fun then? maybe a good idea for a TV series would be if God decided to give another son to...whatever, u know, and then that son would sorta start falling to the dark side.

i did a finnish 'emotional intelligence'-test. i got 'pass' in most areas. eh. well i didn't expect a good result i suppose. so fuck that. thinking of it, it explains a lot though.

Sweden is going to try sell Absolut Vodka. i'm not sure how i feel about that. i guess its their business what they do with it?

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