March 18, 2007

the party was pretty cool, by a lake, just 20minutes from the city center but kind of in the middle of nowhere. i didn't go to sauna, instead i enjoyed the good food, booze and company. i'd decided to keep my drinking to an average level, which i did, its just that when everyone else got piss drunk they were complaining about me being too sober and shoving drinks to my face. anyway, as per usual most of the lazy fucks in my team wouldn't show up, even the guy i had planned some program with... pisses the hell out of me. well the other team was present as well as many of the new whatever. some sort of special team awards or gifts were given and i was the person from my team to receive it, for flexibility and something like that. i was happy to feel appreciated.

we were also told to bring a small item which describes ourselves. i figured a pink lipgloss from my purse would describe me just fine, and i was right. the items were laid out and the team leaders had to recognize whom the items belonged to. Ville, my boss, figured the lipgloss was an easy one "there is one lipgloss-girl in the department...i think this is Jenni's" :)

after some quizzes and grilled sausages and stuff we called cabs and crawled into them. to go continue at a club. which was fun too, but me and him left before 3am because i've really had my share of bar-nights lately... and queueing for the cab at 4am when the bars close, is not that much fun.

scenery from the party plaza

the inside

me and Ella

me and him. not recognizable so i think its okay. the red color of the bar lights and the grain and blur make it so nice.

hairnotes: in snapshots from last night i think i look like i have a wig at times. its weird to look at myself in pictures with other people and this hair... everyones been saying it looks much thicker now that its cut,i don't really know about that. but i do know i like the punk-look that i can pull off with the hair, its pretty neat when messy.

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