March 19, 2007

i had to call in sick today. walking in the sleet yesterday left me with a feeling of an upcoming flu, but really i am just exhausted. stressed out and anxious, haven't had enough time to sleep. i tried to go sleep early last night but woke up later all upset and couldn't sleep again despite being dead tired. s aleeping pill and a call to work in the morning and a new attempt. i'm better now, working on my sore throat.

waking up was cruel, the news spit on my face; the conservational national coalition party won the election. if i was a rational enough person i'd just kill myself right now. its all going to hell. why are people so fuckin stupid? this is wrong. even my old english teacher got in (Hanna-Leena Hemming). she was a pretty decent teacher but i wouldn't vote for her, obviously.

yesterday i was at work and it was totally shit. i think at times i sounded somewhat rude cos i just couldn't handle all the idiots, and everyone calling seemed to be on a sunday-mode, very fuckin slow. i ate half a hamburger while someone searched for the power cable from their modem. note: there are 3 cables connected to the modem; power, ethernet and antenna-cable.

going on a packaged beach-vacation to the south (spain and that area) is a collective finnish experience. i think its cool i'll be a part of that starting next sunday. not sure if i need to prepare in a specific way, just get some nice clothes to go with me. i wish they sold some nice shoes there but i doubt it, its a fuckin tourist-island.

my cell phone is now available in the store, i need to go pick it up tonight :)

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