March 22, 2007

the phone and emails queues at work are just geting worse. the situation is so catastropichal its kind of funny... more and more people are quitting too, found another job or something. well next week i'm on vacation but after that i'll have to reconsider this situation as well. its a good company, and especially great co-workers, a decent pay, flexible regarding working hours and vacations and so forth, decent benefits...but the stress is kind of overbearing right now. and i don't see a change for better in sight.

my internet connection kept screwing me over so before calling over the maintenance guy again i decided to switch the modem. we'll see what happens. my new modem is black :P (the old one was white, enough reason to switch?!)

maybe i'm concentrating too muchon travelling? what else should i concentrate on? well how about the fuckin photography???

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