March 21, 2007

this is only the 2nd day in a row that i have a morning shift and its killing me already. maybe because its so hard to fall asleep early enough??

anyway i put on red mascara today. and black clothing. a slightly wicthy look. hmm we have a meeting, a representative of NASN north american i'm wondering how useful this is. whatever, a meeting is always easier than actual work.

we have a sals competition in which you can win your chosen NHL team jersey. i only work part time and suck at sales anyway, but the girl sitting next tome said she'd work on winning one of the shirts and then sell it to me... Montreal Canadiens...:P

i was supposed to go see Robert Capa's exhibition today, with mnoo and him, but luckily she was willing tocancel. i'm so exhausted and couldn'tcare less at the moment.

i want to eat pasta. loads.

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