March 05, 2007

a quick look at my shopping spree results.

pink sweater, very teeny? i have tons of these already but this was so cute i couldn't walk past it. H&M quality, those kids sure know how to sew great clothes.

a skottish-influenced skirt. i think it'll go well with my black platform boots.

and then there was these Diesel boy-panties. only a close-up available, i'm not into spreading it for the world.

and then there was this jacket. i have like 10 jackets but i only use 3 of them... many of the long leather jackets, which are fuckin cool, are a little tight or i just for some reason always feel more comfortable in other jackets... then again since when was dressing up about comfort, miss 4inch heels? yea.. i dunno, but anyway so i got this jacket.. these were very alternative-trendy when i was about 15 but at the time i used a punk-styled jeans-jacket and a black ramones-type leather jacket, so i missed this. i think i'll add some safety pins, band buttons and my Ramones sleeve patch... *back to the roots* :P

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