March 04, 2007

i did a little hamburger test. i had to tell the difference between 3 hamburgers; a Bic Mac and 2 burgers from Hesburger (a Clubburger and something else)

i can't believe i actually didn't get a single one right :( and last night i tried to tell the difference between 2 red wines. well, the other one had a stronger smell that kinda got into my eye, but taste wise...i'm afraid i couldn't really say. then again i'd already been doing some wine tasting by that time.

i found a pretty promising radio station that has a stream online; Bassoradio. (radio->stream). theres very little talking, so even if you didn't know finnish it shouldn't matter if the music is pleasing. its pretty easy going stuff. i rarely dig radio stations so this is quite a change. however i have yet another 50 or so recommendations waiting for me in dA so i better get to that now, its already 0:30am.

i was eager to see what happened in UFC68 last night. some awesome fights. Randy 'the natural' Couture did a come back and gave a lesson on boxing to Tim 'Maine-iac' Sylvia. i very much empathize the disregarded and disrespected Sylvia, the guy didn't get a heavyweight belt for no reason...but the better guy won this time. also i was especially happy about Kampmann's skills and victory, the dane knows his submissions...

someone i know has been depressed lately, and to me it seems like they are getting better now, for which i'm genuinely very happy.

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