April 17, 2007

definitely felt like spring today. it rained, but it was about 10C degrees. i met muuli after a long break and we had sushi for lunch. and sat in a bar for a bit before i had to go to work. i felt weird, it was one those places where u definitely drink but i realized i cannot go to work smelling alcohol so we just had coke.

i think i met muuli around 2003 or 2004, online. not sure how, through deviantart probably. he must've been 16 at the time or something. i don't think he was into photography at the time. but he got interested and i've seen him come a long way from there. if he ever wanted asshole critique, he asked me. critique, on anything, is my specialty. i rarely have much good to say about a photo, and even if i do, i rather skip and just get to the negative points.

i got my tattoo done once again. hopefully for good. the white just wouldn't be all white and so i had it done in black. many tattoo artists say that white is impossible. some say its risky. i've seen a couple okay ones, and had to give it a try. oh well. Tomi from Legacy Tattoo in Helsinki, kind of a shy boy, did this for me. turns out he did Tony's tattoos a couple weeks ago as well. small city.

here it is, still smudged with blood and stuff.

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