April 18, 2007

i received stuff in the mail :D great, except that the i woke up scared shitless as the mailman was pushing the packages through the mail slot in the door. took me a while to figure what the sound was. no serial killers there, just my handbags! the other was just for ...novelty, i have a thing with handbags which is sad because i only really use one and leave the others (many!) to rot. it'd be cool to use a matching handbag every day but i'm boring. anyway because that shit Lindex handbag broke down, i got a temp one from Tenerife and now this from eBay; Kookaï!

i put my stuff in there, fits well.

somehow i have to survive the day at work, but i have the rest of the week off. i have a feedback session with my boss today, they did a customer service quality research and asked the customer how well they were served and stuff. so this feedback is really personalized, not sure i want to hear... i do my job well, but i'm not the most customer oriented person out there.

i'm slowly winning the battle against flaky-dry skin. still don't know if it was allergy or what.

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