May 07, 2007

here is my complete list of finnish music that i suggest a non-finn to check out, according to their interests. i should add that not nearly all of these are not my favorite artists... merely some that are considered of good quality or have something special *shrugs* its hard to describe a music style but with the help of Arttu i did my best. use the listen-links tho, thats probably most descriptive.

the rasmus mainstream poppish rock (listen)
maija vilkkumaa pop rock female singer-songwriter (listen)
zen cafe easy pop rock in finnish (listen)
magenta skycode mellow indie pop rock (listen)
sir elwoodin hiljaiset värit pop rock in finnish (listen)
pmmp girl band easy pop rock in finnish (listen)
yup alternative progressive rock in finnish (listen)
rauli badding somerjoki old folk pop rock in finnish (listen)
ultra bra typical pop rock with slight folk sound in finnish (listen)

heavier rock etc
him "lovemetal" melodic gothic mainstream metal (listen)
kotiteollisuus heavy rock metal (listen)
sonata arctica heavy melodic power metal (listen)
shitter limited hardcore punk in finnish (listen)
mana mana totally underestimated melancholic gloomy indie rock in finnish
apulanta heavier pop rock in finnish (listen)
suburban tribe melodic alternative metal rock (listen)
hanoi rocks the idols of skid row and Gn'R - nuff said (listen)
lordi monster rock! ...dramatic humoristic hard rock (listen)
kingston wall a classic, psychedelic progessive rock (listen)
viikate melodic but modern heavy folk metal in finnish (listen)
cmx alternative progressive rock in finnish (listen)

jazz, hip hop and weirder stuff
nuria soundtrack like, light spacious relaxing pop music (listen)
korpi ensemble smooth acoustic jazz pop (listen)
pan sonic very experimental instrumental electronic noise (listen)
rajaton boundless a cappella(listen)
maj karma alternative metal rock in finnish (listen)
don johnson big band hip hop jazz chillout (listen)
paleface rap ... (listen)

i didn't include the zillions of black/heavy/doom/whatever -metal bands because altho they're our main music export, they're already well known among the people who are into that. and that type of music tends to give me a headache.

BOO for the bands whose music doesn't seem available for listening online. no idiot is going to buy an album/artist without checking them out first. and the world is changing, wake up!

i will update this as i see fit. suggestions are welcomed altho not necessarily added. my email addy is up there on the right.