May 07, 2007

looks much like my stuff :D ;

does it not? reminds me of this and others i've done before. what is cool the photo above is by Natasha Epperson, one of the first photographers whose photos i found to inspire me and made me want to become a 'really good' photographer. so finding her do similar stuff is again inspiring.

i took this in january, she is Fuss. since i've used the bathroom in photos a zillion times, people ask me how do i ever get it clean and that my bathroom must look like a mess etc. there must be a reason bathroom fits bloody photos so well...hmm, i wonder? could it be that bathroom has a shower and all of bathroom is practically made to become wet and the materials reject color and dirt???? i dunno. fuck, i wonder if people are stupid or have i missed something. bathroom is *meant* to stay clean and is easy to wash with just showering on the walls and scrubbing with a sponge, aye? what i've been thinking of doing is a short video, in which i throw a bucketful of blood on the bathroom wall and then take a shower and wash it off just like that. i think the video wouldn't be more than 10 seconds. maybe 20. then i'd put it on youtube and whenever someone asked me that fuckin question i'd just give the link, nothing else. speaking of which, flashpaste is like the best program ever. you just put there whatever it is you need to write or copypaste often, and then with one click u can paste it wherever. so i can put the link there and very effortlessly deal with it.

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