May 06, 2007

as the tournament carries on, my hockey angst rose to new heights with the classic sweden-finland match up. and we know how that game ends, it was determined far before hocey was even invented. and if i sound got it right. i don't think Sweden needed any players on the ice, their one man team could've been Backlund all the way.

if there's something good about this weekend....and there is, lots, but in specific the menu. i have such a sushi obsession and because its so expensive i feel like i'm always left yearning more. we prepared sushi both yesterday and today, my first time really but i'd call myself quite pro right away. so for once i got to eat as much as i wanted and more. until it hurt. but, i could easily eat more tomorrow if i could. maybe i have to consider making sushi by myself too?

looks like i've almost used up my first day out of the 4 days off... tomorrow i am goin to Marianne's, she wants to shoot me with my hair. but i wonder if the hair looks good enough for her camera, its been a couple weeks since it was last cut and i wasn't entirely happy with it to begin with. and then i got 2 days left.

my project tonight is to copy some CD's onto my computer. Karkkiautomaatti, Smashing Pumpkins, Mötley Crüe, the Doors and so forth... Mötley Crüe really brings back memories because i haven't been listening to it in such a long time. i think i got their CD when i was like 12.

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