April 22, 2007

i also got an expensive (by my standards) frying pan yesterday. i killed the previous, i think, or maybe it was just too old, but i think i don't treat these things well enough, i don't wash them until i need them again and so forth... now i wonder if i will screw up the expensive new pan too :(

ex-porn star Rakel shares opinions with me. say "NO" to 'weekday underwear'. i too have known people who have separated weekday/everyday underwear from those worn to special occasions. in fact i think it is very common. wtf? i recall thinking early on, when i was like 12, that there is absolutely no reason to separate fancy clothes from weekday clothes, and that goes for underwear too. altho, with my recent fondness to low-rise jeans, underwear is not so 'under' anymore, in fact i color/style match them with the rest of the clothes. but, i assume everyone with low-rise anything does this. so, i was saying, why not feel special everyday? its a self-respect thing too, like Rakel says. or Maybelline, "i'm worth it", lol. H&M and similar sell pretty underwear cheap, so it shouldn't be a price issue. they won't last a lifetime but its not like you will like them in 5 years anyway. there are clothes that really just don't fit in a work environment, like evening gowns, but other than that i don't see much limits except the common standards that we want to fit into. depending on where u work yea, but i think most of us, and i personally have all the freedom to dress any way i want. and i sit at work mostly so. maybe i don't go to enough special events or something because it feels so nice to put something fancy and glittery on? aaand the same goes for make up. i wouldn't do the 'extreme gothic dance club look' for work maybe, but the general separation between evening make up and weekday/day make up is ridicuolous. especially finnish women categorize anything with color to 'evening' make up on principle. if it shows, u don't wear it to work... some women don't even wear make up to work but okay thats a matter of taste and wearing make up is certainly not something u have to do or should do, unlike clothes. so i'll just stick with those who have decided to use make up but don't have the fuckin guts to celebrate that form of art! its not for everyone, trying diff things and expressing yourself, but i think too many just don't even consider the option, or merely go with the flow/mainstream. i know women who like what they look like after applying some serious 'evening look' on. so if thats what u dig then why not do it every day? or every second? the excitement and good feeling doesn't wear out. or is there a requirement to look 'au naturel'? on sidenote, Calvin Klein said "“The best thing is to look natural, but it takes makeup to look natural”. i wouldn't phrase it that way, as i expressed i appreciate everyones choice to use or not use make up at all, but if u DO like make up, then 'wanting to look natural' is not en excuse, u can do a great totally natural look with make up. its just a polished version of the real natural :) some mornings i'm too busy and uncaring to do anything special, and on a day off, if i stay in the house i don't even use any make up. but usually i express myself, and shoes+clothes+make up+hair are a whole that i try to fit together color and style wise. i don't limit myself too much with what fits with which tho... its really hard to keep the mind fresh regarding make up, its so easy to repeat the same thing every day, not thinking, just stick to the same old good and tested looks. but whenever i step out of that and try something new and use my imagination, i feel instantly better and different, creative.

CroCop vs Gonzaga, WTF???!!!
too many major surprises and upset this year, this MMA scene is totally upside down.

btw style-mob is a new site, community-like thing where u share photos of clothes and other aspects of style. u can register to be part of the next beta.

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