April 22, 2007

in the process of upgrading my home (like, whats with the upgrade word? well it sounds better than "changing"), i am throwing out old bedding, towels and glassware. i have ridiculous mugs and glasses and shit that take space in my kitchen cupboard, and i live alone after all. i decided to even throw out my Riddler-mug. i'm keeping the Batman one. i dunno whats with that, i have no emotional ties to the movie(s). these were glass mugs made for McDonald's in 1994 or whatever. its the 3D sculpting and decoration that i find so special i guess, even if its ugly. despite being just McDonald's giveaway-shit, they don't have a scratch after all these years of heavy use.

there, immortalized.

the eBay thing is weird. buyers and sellers rate each other, or give positive or negative feedback which is public. and thats fine with me. but somehow the quality or content of these feedbacks has gotten totally 'out there', in my opinion. this is a typical feedback sheet; (click to view bigger)

it's all A++++++++++++++++ even if u just fuckin paid for the product you bought. i wish all retailers and sales personnel were that fuckin thankful for my few dollars/euros/pounds. does anyone else find this weird?? i haven't yet found myself comfortable writing in this manner, i merely state the way things are, "quick shipping, thanks" or whatever fits.

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