April 21, 2007

i'm having a good time again. that does not feel safe but oh well. we went shopping today with him. IKEA and a shopping mall and such. some little things from H&M and then shoes...they were cheap and i doubt they last very long but i thought i'd give em a try. nice doll-like style. not very high heel which feels weird but again, i thought i'd try something new so here we go.

then, i thought i need some sheets and towels. i am getting 2 sets of playboy bedlinen (the other set) so i figured i need the bottom sheets too. i got very pale pink and grey, in satin as those don't get so fuckin wrinkly like cotton does. i do not iron. i decided to switch from my white/pink hand towels to multi-colored ones and got a few...from pale pink to grey and yea, i took a photo so there ya go. and then i got him a towel of his own, as i have my own at his place too. fair enough. its kind of turquoise/marine... and i got myself a dark purple one (not in photo).

then, in IKEA i went shopaholic again. i finally got myself a new chair, "Lunna" in red. very comfy and not too heavy to move around. lack of space is my problem really, especially when i do shoots. i wish i'd have space for another chair but theres no way. i actually have 2 chairs, very similar material as the one i bought, but they're buried under my clothes that don't fit in the closet.

theeen, i got myself a new carpet, dark purple, in the hall by the door. i used to have a grey one but it was real shitty. actually i got 2 of the purple ones so it comes all the way to the kitchen.

and i got 2 pink wine (or whatever) glasses. i figure i guess i should have a pair of those, now that i occasionally drink wine too *shrugs* and then a pink (in photo) and a grey plate, transparent.

my problem really is the shoes. i had this shoe shelf made about 6 years ago, but my shoes don't fit in it. and unfortunately i cannot get another one. so where to fit the rest of my shoes? they just hang around on the floor in the hall. and in the closet, the ones for the other season. no wonder the old carpet got so fuckin dirty. but shoe shelfs tend to be really unpractical and ugly. when u get nice shoes u want to display them nicely, so they'd look like in the store where u bought them. and most shoe shelfs are not any good for high heeled shoes or boots either. so what to do :(

i still have a my lighting problem unsolved. the living room is too dark. despite spending too much money today i feel good i got started with this home-upgrade. he's really good in interior decoration and stuff, has a beautiful home, so he's helping me out with this which i guess motivates me, i'm just no good in decor. just yesterday i realized, Deko is the only mag he subscribes to. which reminds me, i just got my first issue of Adbusters, and he too liked it. well, it is awesome, i recommend. i was going to describe it.... "its against... " and turns out the sentence ends "...everything i am." err. consumption and stuff. well, nevertheless, i'm all for it, what they speak for i mean, regardless of how much money i spent today on new consumer goods :) yay!

again the only cold drink in my fridge is cider.

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